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How does CasePilot support your business?

No matter whether it is a hacker attack, a prosecutor's search, a major fire or blackmail: in critical situations, fast and coordinated action is crucial for organisations. However, valuable time and relevant information is often lost between the persons in charge.

As a comprehensive management tool on SaaS basis, CasePilot supports crisis teams in their communication and organization, enabling them to react quickly to critical events of all kinds.

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In CasePilot, teams of internal and external experts can be variably set together and modified depending on the type of situation with just a few clicks. Another click ensures that all selected members are alerted immediately and simultaneously via SMS, call and e-mail.

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With CasePilot you can not only keep the members of the crisis staff informed all the time. The mobile alerting of entire departments or branches in emergencies is possible through CasePilot with just a few clicks.

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Communicate live

Current developments are recorded by the users in CasePilot's live protocol. This ensures that all users are always up to date and can react immediately.

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Manage Tasks

Coping with critical situations regularly requires a variety of measures. With CasePilot, the necessary tasks and processes can be organized in a coordinated manner.

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Share Data

All event-related documents can be stored in a structured manner in CasePilot's secure data rooms. So everyone shares the same working basis and error-prone email correspondence is eliminated.

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Team Calls

Telephone conferences can be started with one click in CasePilot and enable the direct contact between all crisis team members to discuss current events and important documents.


Our customers

CasePilot is used by global players, such as a multinational insurance group and a leading automotive manufacturer, as well as mid-sized companies from various industries to streamline their crisis management processes.

What sets us apart:


fast and direct

Rapid team formation and alerts enable crisis managers and their teams to react to critical situations without wasting time. CasePilot creates a platform for direct and uninterrupted contact between all parties involved until the situation is solved.


intuitive and universal

CasePilot is clear and concise because the situation to be solved is usually challenging enough. By concentrating on basic functions, CasePilot enables the processing of a wide range of critical events, from compliance violations to product recalls.


independent and secure

CasePilot is web-based and therefore accessible from any location - independent of the client's own IT infrastructure. Our servers are located in Germany and are protected from external access. All data is transmitted in encrypted form.

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we are crisis experts

CasePilot is a joint venture of the business consultancy TPS GmbH and the law firm WILHELM Rechtsanwälte. In CasePilot we are always just on click away if needed.


TPS Team Psychologie & Sicherheit

The "Team Psychology and Security" advises more than half of the DAX 30 and numerous Mittelstand companies on crisis management issues. We support in building up adequate internal structures to prevent and manage critical incidents. Our advisors also act as interim crisis managers (crisis management as a service) to relieve our clients' own ressources.

PS was founded in 2002 by Dr. Everhard von Groote, a certified psychologist. Previously, Dr. von Groote worked as a police psychologist and profiler, assisting with covert police action and negotiations in hostage-taking, kidnapping and extortion. │ Tel: +49 211 56920005 │

Wilhelm Rechtsanwälte

WILHELM Rechtsanwälte

The law firm Wilhelm advises companies and decision-makers in critical situations - from major losses to the discovery of a serious breach of law within the company. For this purpose, 15 lawyers in Düsseldorf and Berlin combine comprehensive expertise in the areas of white-collar crime law and compliance, liability and insurance, conflict resolution as well as restructuring and financing.

For cross-border challenges, such as complex product liability cases in the USA, the firm has a close cooperation network with leading law firms worldwide. │ Tel: +49 211 6877460 │

Legal Information

TPS GmbH & Co. KG Inselstrasse 24 40479 Düsseldorf Tel:+49 211 56920005 E-Mail:

Wilhelm Rechtsanwälte